PARIS — It is 100 years since the self-indulgent composition of René Lalique’s jewelry was discontinued by its designer favoring attractive amazingly things.

Christian Dior
A concentrate on haute jewelry, in conjunction with summer season 2012 high fashion period last week, introduced the Lalique items to a house in the Place Vendôme. The developer Quentin Obadia, saying “the big perform was to understand the mindset of Lalique,” revealed his reinterpretation of the arizona, the dragonfly and Vesta, the Roman goddess of shoot. He also provided more friendly items like fresh water pearl, Turquoise beads etc. spun off the major perform.

Using the founder’s groundbreaking mix of amazingly with semi precious gemstones beads, the designer also implanted the style with straight line Art Deco patterns and even presented a contemporary wedding selection, such as the home trademark lily of the area. Silvio Denz, the Europe perfume mogul who bought the Lalique company in 2008, listed the different “pillars” of the company, such as amazingly, interior beautification and fragrances — and now the improved jewelry selection.

At the heart of all high jewelry is the meld of fine materials and exceptional craftsmanship.
Top trends in haute
The jewelry on present the other day in the Place Vendôme reveled in an artisanal technique and in characteristics, with signs of wildlife, stylized blossoms and traditional lattice.
•Spinels, to avoid the soaring cost of rubies
•Sapphires in rare, nonblue shades
•Vivid color mixes of fine and semiprecious gemstones
•Deliberately mismatched jewelry, playing with contrasting colors or shapes

The jewelry on provide the other day in the Position Vendôme reveled in an artisanal strategy and in features, with indication of creatures, stylized blossoms “I desired to go back to when my mom would take me to Dior as a little young lady in the Seventies,” said Victoire de Castellane, developer for Dior’s superb. But she was considering more about create and artisanal perform than the magnificence of high fashion. The selection that goes available in May is according to rattan performing, like the seats that once were used in the fashion salon. Redolent of gentle summer time times, the Napoleon III stick seat was proved helpful as precious metal jewelry, set with shaded rocks or as a band (below) with a beginning cost of €2,000, or $2,630

“What could be more Feature than the Champs-Élysées,” said Lorenz Bäumer, referring to the unique Louis Vuitton when he came to London in 1854. With a Vuitton devoted bracelets shop set to start in May in the Position Vendôme, the developer was motivated by three well-known places: the well-known “Champs,” the features of the Position de la Concorde and the Tuileries home gardens. But abstraction — not vacationer fascination — was the concept of Mr. Bäumer, whose precious stone metered pendant provided a simple summarize of the Arc de Triomphe, a feature of pearl pink water replicated the Concorde, while an ruby and light precious metal or platinum band indicated the natural community gardens.

Van Cleef & Arpels
Really like wildlife, wings in journey and nesting wildlife have been an creativity for Van Cleef & Arpels since at least the Thirties — hence the present of history items together with a “Colors of Paradise” selection concentrating on lightness, activity and, indeed, color. A precious stone chicken design, with a perspective of a trail developing a band, or a chicken traveling by air from a pendant of sky pink chalcedony drops, indicated the lovely side. But Van Cleef’s love chicken video, nestling in a aqua pink pendant, revealed the more vivid mindset while jewelry in distinct rocks underscored the fashion for mix-and-match.

Bulgari’s color blends of mandarin garnets existing beside green peridots made bracelets look good enough to eat while mismatched bracelets included the same rocks with mother-of-pearl. Fresh, too, were various colored sapphires in yellow-colored, pink and purple for a pendant with a fountain video. Blossoms seem to be growing a little bit less as bracelets for the summer time. But flowers checked wondrous as bracelets of white pill petals and leaves set around normally. Displaying Roman skills with both fine and semiprecious bracelets, Bulgari’s whirl on spinals was to collect them with amethysts and aqua pink.

“Bee my love” is a sweet-as-honey way for Chaumet to perform with its well-known buzzy bee icon — and to highlight the contemporary methods this can be indicated. Developing higher as well as cheaper bracelets, the professional is using the bee for a brooch created of pink opal.
On a more moderate range, the interlock bracelets and bracelet cut in a accurate design resembling a bee hive provide a more friendly way of adopting Chaumet’s bee identification, which goes again to the Napoleonic era.