Turquoise beads are often in a smooth and intriguing shape bursting with incredible blues and greens. The subtle patterns and vivid colors of the turquoise beads resemble fantastic beautiful paintings in impressionistic style. These semi precious beads are good choice for being used as focal pieces in necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other ornaments and decorations.

Turquoise beads is excavated in Iran, Sinai, China suppliers, and U.S.A, and based upon where it is oriented will look a little bit different. China suppliers are one of the famous places of beginning of Turquoise beads pellets. Evaluating with American Aqua blue, the China turquoises are eco-friendly. Sometimes turquoise pellets are colored to boost their natural colors or even change their colors. Dyed red, yellow and white pellets are very well-known. The most well-known appearance for turquoise jewels is the free-form nugget appearance with has a unique, easily familiar appearance. Other well-known pill forms are nick, rectangle and flat round. Turquoise is a relatively soft stone. Therefore, most turquoise beads in the jewelry market, especially in China, have been stabilized to improve the hardness since turquoise is a very soft mineral with a hardness of 4-5. Without being stabilized, the beads would break easily.

Semi Precious Gemstone and Beads are regarded an historical diamond. In many societies of the Old and New sides, this diamond has been prestigious for centuries as revered rock, a bringer of success or a talisman. Aqua blue pellets, also known as “the rock of success”, regarded to be the “birth rock of December”, have been commonly used in making turquoise pellets bracelets, comprising success and success. So why not make some turquoise pellets bracelets for your family and friends? If you like easy design, you can immediately only circular shape to make bracelets, pendant and jewelry. They are easy but trendy. The large diamond pellets will grab the focus with their shiny colors and stunning styles. If you like unique design, just have a try to make bracelets with those pellets, Tibetan design pellets and some Tibetan design spacer pellets (use them to split the rock beads) together. This wonderful bracelets features turquoise jewels adorned with Tibetan design pellets and attractive spacer pellets. You can also change the spacer pellets into Tibetan design pill hats which will make your bracelets turn up another design and feeling. It is really awesome, and you can make a bracelets set in that design as long as you want.

Those beads can also be mixed and matched with other jewelry beads, such as glass beads, pearl beads, crystal beads, metal beads, Pandora style beads (European beads) and so on to create jewelry pieces. Different collection of jewelry beads will show different styles and designs. I am sure there is one style is suitable to you. And China is a good place to wholesale gemstone beads. PandaHall.com, recommended by one of my friends who have dabbled in jewelry beads retail for more than 10 years, is a leading China beads, findings and gems online wholesaler. It offers a high volume of Chinese turquoise beads in shapes like square, flat oval, flat round, chips, round and other fancy shapes at very competitive prices.

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