Semi precious beads are an important constituent of the latest fashion trend. Garnet beads, peridot beads and blue sapphire beads are the examples of the beads used for fashion jewelry items. Garnets are very common gemstone beads that have long been used in making jewelry and accessories for the royalties. Today they are used in making wonderful, stylish decorations. Their rich colors give a stylish look when used with enhancing outfit. Garnet pellets generally come in colors of red however their shade covers the entire shade array.

Garnet beads are aluminum or calcium silicate minerals which occur in two internally isomorphic series which are mostly crystallized. These beads belong to a group of common silicate minerals having same type of crystal structures and chemical compositions.

Peridot Beads are the amazing soft green colored beads. They form beautiful classy ornaments. These simple, faceted, smooth gemstones have their own charm and are widely used in making amazing gift bracelets as well as necklaces. This is unique since it is among those few gemstones which occur in only one color- olive green. The colour of the natural may however differ based on the metal in the amazingly framework. One of the most effective shades found in these beads is a dark olive-green. These are popular because of their cultural overall look and are valued by the diamond enthusiasts.

Another semi precious Blue sapphire bead is known to occur in all shades of blue. They are found in rich inky blue shade as well as pale ice blue. These beads fit in with the corundum gem family. It is highly durable and thus do not break easily. Red pearl beads are perfect mixture of uncompromised beauty and sturdiness hence these have been respected since hundreds of years. Red pearl pellets are the most widely known pearl beads.

Turquoise are another very popular semi precious gemstone beads are used to make charming bracelets as well as beaded necklaces for ladies. Turquoise jewelry items can serve as ethnic gift item for someone you love. Varieties of turquoise gems are modified in various shapes and cuts to form unique jewelry items.